DiverseCity Fellows

The CivicAction DiverseCity Fellows is a longstanding program that strengthens the leadership skills in the GTHA. The brand was known for its long standing legacy, but lacked any visual cues to tie it together.

Drawing inspiration from its parent program, the CivicAction Leadership Foundation, I set out to create an overall brand, and  a specific campaign for the 2020 recruitment and launch.


Email campaigns, also led by me in Mailchimp, were developed based on targeted segments to promote the recruitment.

When designing the emails, accessibility was a key point. While emails made up of all images may look more appealing, they hinder the experience of those using screen readers. Keeping the key content in plain text/HTML was key to creating an inclusive design.

Social Media

Social posts were developed to compliment the recruitment campaign, and then to highlight the Fellows that were selected.

The campaign overall received 360K impressions on #DiverseCityFellows.

More Designs